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Venue Rentals

The historic Virginia Theatre is available for rent by individuals, organizations, governmental agencies, schools, and businesses for dance and theatrical performances, concerts, film screenings, meetings, receptions, corporate events, conferences, parties and other public and private events. For rates and availability, contact Steven Bentz, Virginia Theatre Director: 217-819-3902 or .

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Installed during the original 1921construction, the Virginia’s historic two manual, eight rank Wurlitzer Hope-Jones orchestral pipe organ is now fully restored and in great working condition. The theatre’s very first House Organist was George May. In the Fall of 1963, David Junchen and Larry Chace began a lengthy restoration of the organ. They added stops and replaced the blower, giving the organ more wind power. Warren York began an ongoing restoration of the organ in 1988 and also served as House Organist during this period. In 2011, thanks to a generous donation from Champaign resident Jill Knappenberger, the Virginia’s mighty Wurlitzer received a total restoration of its console, blower, 750-plus pipes, and windline. The restoration was undertaken by John-Paul Buzard Pipe Organ Builders, Champaign, and took nearly a year to complete.

Today, the Virginia Theatre’s House Organist is David Schroeder. Mr. Schroeder is the Director of Bands and Chorus at Bismarck-Henning Jr/Sr High School in Bismarck Illinois, as well as Organist and Parish Music Director for Trinity Lutheran Church in Danville. He received his Undergraduate degree in Comprehensive Music Education in 1984 from the University of Illinois, where he was active as an organ student and played in the Symphonic Band and Marching Illini. David is a member of the Central Illinois and Central Indiana chapters of the American Theatre Organ Society.
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Proscenium: 56’ wide x 26’ high
Back wall to stage lip: 30’
Ground row to stage lip: 24’
Stage height from main floor: 3’to 6” (no direct stage access from house)
Right wing (usable space): 21’
Left wing (usable space): 14’ (not including speaker storage)
Height to grid: 45’


Flat deck (no rake)
2 traps (near center of stage)
Floor surface is screwed-in-place hardboard sheeting over historic wooden trap stage
Painted matte black


Ally access, narrow entrance (difficult for 53’ semi’s)
Height: 7’ 9”
Width- 7’ 5”
No center mullion, full swing open doors


Under stage through dressing room/green room area. No on-stage crossover.


Depth at center: 9’ (curved)
Usable width: 45’
Capacity: 12 musicians (average)
Wurlitzer Theater Organ console, on a permanent motorized lift, located on house left end of the pit. This area is not included in the measurements above.

Soft Goods

Black Velour Legs: 4 pair, 15’ wide x 26’ high, flat
Black Velour Borders: 3 each, size varies, flat
U.S. Black Traveler (by-parting): 25’ 6” high x 48’ wide, pleated
Plumb Main Act Curtain (by-parting): 34’ high x 50’ wide, pleated


1 10’ step
1 6’ step


Wurlitzer Theater Pipe Organ, fully operational
10 Manhasset style music stands
1 Steam iron
1 Ironing board
1 Steamer
1 Wooden podium (with VT logo)
4 Backless stools, black
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The Virginia is lucky enough to own a piece of cinematic history in its movie projectors. The two Norelco AA II projectors, arguably the finest 35/70-mm projectors ever made, were specifically designed to run “Oklahoma!” They come equipped with twin motors, one for normal 24 frame-per-second films and one for the 30-fps speed used only on the first two Todd AO films. One of these projectors is among several pieces of equipment left behind by GKC Cinemas. The second projector was installed in 2000, thanks to a gift from the News-Gazette. Both projectors have been fully refurbished. In 2014, the theatre installed a state-of-the-art Christie CP4220 4K digital projector in its booth, an essential upgrade that will allow the Virginia to screen films recorded on high-resolution digital media.

All three of the Virginia’s projectors are positioned to project images, film and slideshows onto the theatre’s 52’ x 26’ main screen (downstage).
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The Virginia’s in-house audio console is a Yamaha M7cl-48. It is a digital unit with 48 input channels and 16 auxiliary outputs. The M7 also has individual channel processing and equalization as well as a rack of effects.


The house snake can accommodate 28 sends from the stage and 8 returns to the stage. The stage box is located at the plaster line on stage left. The stage box does not provide a split.

Main Speakers

The main system is operated in stereo and consists of 2 QSC KW153 and one KW153 powered speakers per side stacked on thrusts.


There are two flown monitor speakers over the stage and two portable wedge monitors for use on the stage. These monitors are operated full range, not bi-amped. There are speakers located backstage in both wings as well as in the basement dressing room areas. These speakers can be controlled independently of other monitors.

Microphones, Stands, Microphones

3 Shure SLX4 wireless combo systems
4 Shure SM58’s
1 Shure SM57
5 Tripod boom stands
3 Straight stands
2 Desk stands
1 CD player (at FOH)
Additional equipment as well as full concert sound packages available at additional cost.


There is communication between SL, SR, sound console, light console, projection booth, follow spots, fly rails.

Master unit: Production Intercom MS-200, dual channel, located at the Stage Managers console on SR.

7 Wired headsets with belt packs
4 Wireless headsets
1 Talkback unit
2 Beacons (one at FOH sound console)
2 Handsets (one at FOH sound console)

Backstage Monitors

All dressing rooms
Green room
Backstage left and right
Production office
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The screen (56′ wide by 23′ high) was installed in October of 2000. Weighing 1200 lbs., it is raised and lowered with a motor and drum winch assembly installed in November of 2001. The viewable image for cinemascope (our largest format) is 50’ wide x 21 ½’ high. The Virginia’s “Voice of the Theatre” speakers sit directly behind the screen during film presentations and are augmented by 36 surround sound speakers.
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The theater lighting system is controlled by various wall-mounted pushbutton stations located at FOH, concessions, projection booth and backstage. In addition there are two touch screen control stations, one backstage and the other at FOH. The main theatrical console is an ETC ION with two fader wings and two monitors.


House and utility lighting is operated through the dimming system as well as theatrical lighting. There are 222 theatrical dimming channels. Each channel is rated at 2.4K, slope and function for each channel is selectable through the console.

Theatrical dimming circuit locations are as follows:

#1 thru #24 are intended for FOH ceiling pockets not installed at this time. A 40’ box truss with 12 – 750watt circuits and 12 – 19 degree S4 fixtures are temporarily in place.
#25 thru #36 are used at the house right box boom.
#37 thru #48 are used at the house left box boom.
#49 thru #66 are used at the stage left fly rail.
#67 thru #102 are assigned to the 1st electric (sl to sr)
#103 thru #126 are assigned to the 2nd electric (sl to sr)(#109 reserved for works)
#127 thru #150 are assigned to the 3rd electric (sl to sr)(#133 reserved for works)
#151 thru #174 are assigned to the 4th electric (sl to sr)(some are non-dims for Selador power)
#175 thru #192 are used at the stage right fly rail.
#193 thru #198 are located stage left, down stage.
#199 thru #204 are located stage left, up stage.
#205 thru #210 are located stage right, down stage.
#211 thru #216 are located stage right, up stage.
#217 thru #222 are located in the orchestra pit.

House and utility lighting circuits are available upon request.

Lighting Network

All lighting control functions are done through the ETC Paradigm system. Any compatible console may join this network. In addition the house has 4 – 2 port programmable NET3 gateways and 1 – 4 port programmable NET3 gateway allowing the network to accommodate conventional DMX equipment.

The house has 3 wireless SHOW BABY transmitters/receivers for onstage use.
The house connector configuration is parallel blade Edison (15 or 20 amps).


All fixtures are ETC Source 4 design, lamped at 575 watts unless noted.

19 degree: 39 (24@ 750w for FOH and booms)
26 degree: 32
36 degree: 26
Pars: 66
Parnels: 24
Selador LED cyc fixtures: 11 (5 may be ground mounted)
23’ booms with weighted bases: 8
Top hats: 12
Barndoors: 18
Iris: 13
Pattern holders: 34 (mix of size A and B)
Two-fers: 14
Sand bags: 25# and 50#
Robert Juliat Topaze follow spots: 2 (located in projection booth only)
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The Virginia Theatre has 22 line sets. All line sets have truss battens, and there are no single pipes. Average empty truss batten weight is 425 lbs. Theatrical line sets are rated at 1200 lbs. max weight, including batten. Electric line sets are rated at 2000 lbs. max weight, including batten. Motor speeds vary depending on location. Maximum fly height is 43’ 6”. Average stage trim is 22’ to 23’ due to the movie screen. Specific information available upon request.
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On stage there are 3 Company Switches, all located on stage left.

Touring Lighting Switch

Located upstage left on the rear wall, 8’ into the wing.
600amp, 3 phase, 120/208v, 5 wire
Cam-Lok is preferred, reverse neutral and ground.

Touring Sound Switch

Located down stage left, 8’ from the proscenium.
200 amps, 3 phase, 120/208v
Bare tails required.

Touring Motor/Video Switch

Located down stage left, 6’ from the proscenium.
100 amp, 3 phase, 120/208v
Bare tails required.

Basic utility receptacles on individual circuits are located at all four corners of the stage. Minimum of two circuits per area.

There is no ship-to-shore power at the Virginia Theatre.
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Production Office

Located in dressing room area below stage.

Dressing Rooms

All dressing rooms and green room/production office and catering kitchen have backstage monitor speakers.

There is elevator service from the stage level down to the dressing room/green room/production office and catering kitchen areas.

2 Star dressing rooms, each with dressing/make-up counters and lighted mirrors, sink, seating area, capacity for 5 persons. Bathrooms are separate from the dressing rooms.

2 Six person rooms, each with counters and lighted mirrors.

3 Three person rooms, each with counters and lighted mirrors.


2 fully equipped bathrooms are located near the dressing room/green room area. They are private and can be set up with towels, washcloths, soap, shampoo, mats and rugs. Please note that the theatre has only a limited selection of towels; larger productions will need to contract with craft services to rent towels.

Green Room

Located adjacent to the dressing rooms and catering kitchen. There is a meal capacity of 20 persons seated. As with the dressing rooms, the green room is located under the stage. This space has access from the pit, SR and SL.

May be used for dining, meetings, wardrobe, catering, storage and under-stage crossover.

2 8’ tables
3 6’ tables
30 folding chairs

Catering Kitchen

Equipped with cabinets and sink, refrigerator, microwave and counter tops.
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