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‘VT SERIES’ Subscription – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long do I have to renew my existing subscription?

A. Subscription renewals are accepted beginning Monday, June 14, 2021, at 10:00 A.M. (all times are CDT). All existing subscriber seats are released for sale to the general public beginning Friday, June 25, 2021, 10:00 A.M.  Please note that while an existing subscriber may choose to renew after that date, their original series seats will no longer be reserved and may be purchased by other patrons.

Need more time to decide? Email Mitch Marlow at and we will gladly hold onto your regular series seats until you are ready to complete your order.

Q. I’m not currently a subscriber. How do I become one? What is a ‘subscription’?

A. New subscriptions go on sale to the general public Friday, June 25, 2021, at 10:00 A.M. and are available for purchase at any point in the season (as long as four ‘VT Series’ shows remain available). A subscription is a purchase of tickets to a minimum of four ‘VT Series’ events, purchased at one time as part of the same transaction.

  • Example: a purchase of 2 tickets to 6 series events = 2 subscriptions.
  • Please note that subscriber discounts can be offered only on ‘VT Series’ events.
  • When you purchase 6 or more ‘VT Series’ events, you receive a Virginia Theatre Film Passport for each subscription! A Film Passport allows free admission to any and all Reel Deal, News-Gazette, and Rewind movie screenings at the Virginia this season. (Please note, this does not include Ebertfest titles.)

For more, or to order your subscription today, stop by our Box Office or call us at 217/356-9063.

Q. Can I buy tickets for my friend who is not a subscriber?

A. Additional tickets (“guest seats”) may be purchased to series and non-series events alike along with your subscription. Sorry, guest seats cannot be discounted and will be placed in best available open inventory.

Q. What if I already purchased tickets to a show that is part of this season’s ‘VT Series’?

A. If you have already purchased a ticket(s) to any of the 2021-2022 VT Series shows, those purchases will count toward your four ‘VT Series’ events this season.

Q. What if I ever want to sit in a different location from my regular series seats?

A. The box office tries to hold the same seats for each subscriber for each ‘VT Series’ show (on some occasions, we may not be able to hold your specific seats due to artist requirements), but you are always welcome to sit in different seats or price points from show-to-show, as long as those seats are open and not held by another subscriber or patron.

Q. Can I move to different seats when I renew this season?

A. If you would like to change your subscriber seat locations entirely this season, we will be happy to help! We can either re-seat you to an open location at the time of your renewal, or we can reserve you the best available seats just before they go on sale to the general public June 25. Please contact us to share your seating preferences, and we’ll be happy to take it from there! Please note: once you change your subscription seat locations, those will be your regular seats for the entire season.

Q. If I went to VT Series show in the past, does that count as a ‘VT Series’  event for my new subscription?

A. Sorry, tickets purchased to shows that were part of the theatre’s previous seasons do not count toward a new season subscription.